Laurel Grove, Savannah’s Undiscovered Hidden Gem. It Is Like Nothing You Have Ever Seen.​

Savannah's History & Civil War Cemetery

it is magnificent It is Historic It is Our hidden Gem

It is the largest collection of Elizabethan funeral sculptures in all of the south east. All of the names on the historic homes, all the names you hear on all of the tours in town…they’re buried here.
Some of the most prolific titles of Savannah’s History, Sons of Liberty, Supreme Court Judges, oh and a very nice lady who started the greatest women’s organization the world has ever seen, are here in serene, respected sleep.
This cemetery is a treasure trove for the Civil War enthusiasts. 

This stone garden maybe even more beautiful than our famous “other cemetery”. Some think so.

Come visit and stroll these sacred grounds of unique fraternal plots, US military sites, industrial giants of the south and the magnificent remembrances of Savannah’s premiere families.

Be sure to bring binoculars and cameras for some magnificent bird watching; hawks galore.  

Laurel Grove Cemetery
802 W. Anderson St
10:00am & 2:00pm
2 Hours, $25.00 Per Guest
[email protected]