The Dynamic Dames of Savannah

We've been taught History, It's now time for Her-Story.

Whether it is a girl’s long weekend, a mother/daughter trip, bachelorette party (Gal’s, ya’ll are gonna need something to do in-between the partying), or a private Girl Scouts’ trip, yup we talk about her. Make this visit to Savannah extra-special and empowering to those we love, just like these Dynamo Savannah Women. 

Let’s take a glimpse into the lives and deeds of the inspirational, tough-as-nails women, who inspire us to live our dreams to the fullest with confidence and faith in ourselves.

From the colony’s founding mothers to revolutionary war heroines and civil war era dames, hear their stories of selfless contributions and unfathomable bravery.

Stepping into the 20th century we’ll hear about suffragettes, authors and Savannah’s original historic preservationists. We could never leave out today’s industrious, power-house ladies who put Savannah on today’s map, rescuing this grand lady from her abandonment and neglect, restoring her to her long-lost glory.   Ladies, this is a must do!

Starting at Taylor Sq
(Formally Calhoun)
Tour Ends in City Market
10:00am & 2:00pm
2 Hours, $25.00 per guest
[email protected]