Civil War for Beginners

Let’s Light That Spark

Are you a Civil War enthusiast and would very much like to spark that interest
in your kids, or other family and friends but nothing seems to work?
I may have your solution.
90 Minutes – That’s all I’m asking. 
Come hear about Savannah’s interesting role
at the very, very beginning and at the very, very end of the war.

No need to delve into those prickly details only CW scholars and us geeks discuss.
This is an easy to follow, fun and interesting tour without the overwhelming onslaught of info.

Under 18 will walk for $5.00. That possible spark is so important.

‘There will never be anything more interesting in America than the Civil War, never.’
Gertrude Stein

Starting at Pulaski Sq
10:00am & 2:00pm
90 minute Tour – 2 to 3 squares Max
$20.00 Adult
$5.00 18y/0 and under
[email protected]