The Dynamic Dames of Savannah

2 Hour Walking Tour
$25 Per Guest

Let us stroll through the magnificent streets of Savannah and take a glimpse into the lives and deeds of the inspirational, tough-as-nails women, who inspire us to live our dreams to the fullest with confidence and faith in ourselves. 

Civil War for Beginners

90 Minute Walking Tour
$20 per Adult Guest, 18 & Under $5.00 

Are you looking to spark that history interest in your kids, spouse or other family and friends; without delving into nuances only scholars and CW geeks discuss?

Savannah’s History Cemetery

2 1/2 Hour Walking Tour
$25 Per Guest

Civil War Enthusiasts – This garden is calling out to you!
Come stroll the sacred grounds, unique fraternal plots and the magnificent remembrances of Savannah’s premiere families. A Treasure trove for photographers as well.

Poets & Authors & Bookstores – 2024 Book Festival Special $20.00

2 Hour Walking Tour
$30 per Adult / $10 per Teen 

Bibliophiles, this one’s for you.
Savannah is woefully underappreciated as a literary influence in the US. Let us see what we can do to bring about her dutiful recognition. We even slip in a song writer or two. Come enjoy Savannah’s freshest walking tour experience. 

Private Walkless Shop n Nosh

3 hour Bicycle Chauffeured Tour
$350.00 per Taxi, 10 and Over Only 

Love to Shop, Hate to Schlepp?
How does boutique hopping in bike taxi luxury sound? Would having all of your purchases delivered safely back to your hotel, whilst you enjoy a spot of lunch sound like a plan?
Treat yourself to this delightful experience.
You deserve it. 

Savannah’s First and Only LGBTQ+ Tour

2 Hour Walking Tour
$35 per Adult Only Tour

The Spigot of the South had numerous denotations. This magnificent city did not get its grandeur from farmers and soldiers. We are the Hostess City, always have been, always will be. You know some of the names, others maybe not. Let’s go back to the early 20th century and learn about some of the great influencers before the term influencer was a thing. Gay, in the bible belt? Have fun. Yes, I will, in a town called Savannah, thanks so much and bless your heart!